Ship Management Services

In February 2020, Ibnusina Allianz Sdn Bhd successfully completed an IRM Campaign in Sarawak, Malaysia with DSV M/V Coastal Supreme under our management. The year long campaign recorded zero loss time incident, adding another successful achievement towards our ship-management milestones.

Our ship-management team comprises of individuals who possesses the necessary skill set and experience to handle specialized assets entrusted in our care. Our wide reaching network and familiarity of the local resources is a major contributing factor to our success. A combination of these elements ensures a smooth operation at the optimized costs.

Ship Manning Services

Seafarers are the backbone of our industry. Our performance excellence relies heavily on the caliber of the seamen whom our assets are entrusted upon. Ibnusina Allianz Sdn Bhd makes it our mission to promote seafarers of highest integrity, capability and performance. Our manning solutions include:

  • Crew Recruitment Agency
  • Full Scale Crew Management
  • Logistics and Payroll Services

For Hirers, any ship-manning services enquiry, please contact us
For Seafarers, we welcome you to submit your CV to us